Welcome to AAB Solutions
Welcome to AAB Solutions, a technologies company. We provide revolutionary security and location based service products (GPS hardware and software) designed for use in an endless variety of personal and commercial applications. From security to efficiency, our unique product lines will equip you, your family, and your business with the innovative, cutting edge solutions needed in today's fast paced world. AAB Solutions is a high-tech company that has evolved to meet the demands existing in today's security driven society.
Video Surveillance Systems
A rapidly changing world has created a greater demand for the monitoring of your facility
About AAB Solutions Services
AAB Solutions is a technology company in its second year of operation.
Our Mission
Our mission is to drive technology solutions that set the standard for effective security. This demands that we:
  • Provide our customers and partners with unparalleled dedication and responsiveness to meet their needs.
  • Continue to innovate and push technology to new frontiers.
  • Combine deep technical expertise with unique understanding of evolving threats to create effective security solutions.
  • Nurture an entrepreneurial spirit that drives collaboration, shuns bureaucracy and cultivates exceptional performance.
Accomplishing this will create an environment in which our customers are secure, our partners succeed and our employees prosper.